Free Phone Consultation

Free 15 min
  • Dr. Bornemann will discuss treatment options over the phone and answer any questions you might have. No treatment is provided during this visit.

In-Person New Client Evaluation

$ 150 75 min
  • A comprehensive 1:1 musculoskeletal evaluation where Dr. Bornemann will perform tests and measures to determine which treatment is most appropriate. The condition will be addressed the first session in the home of the client.

In-Person Follow Up Session

$ 130 60 min
  • Once the New Client Evaluation is complete, 1:1 treatment sessions include: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and more. Each session Dr. Bornemann will assess and continue to progress your exercises to address client goals.

Virtual New Client Evaluation

$ 100 45 min || + 4 week program
  • A comprehensive assessment completed via video call where Dr. Bornemann will complete movement and mobility screens to determine which treatment is appropriate. This is perfect for clients who cannot be seen physically but would like to improve their mobility and strength with an individualized at home exercise program.

    Includes an evaluation + a 4 week program to address client goals.

Virtual Follow Up Session

$ 75 30 min || + 4 week program
  • Once the Virtual New Client Evaluation is completed, treatment sessions to include corrective exercises, movement screening, individualized therapeutic exercise and home exercise programs will be completed.

    Includes a follow up session + a 4 week program to address client goals.

Fitness and Wellness

  • At Borne Physical Therapy, we understand a lifestyle approach is the key to success in wellness programs. We believe that in order to make lasting changes clients need to be able to create a lifestyle that reflects their goals. With Borne PT the client will not only receive a training program tailored to their individual goals, access to a fitness app to log training and progress, but also nutritional and lifestyle advice. In our programs, we will cover topics such as nutrition, sleep, hydration, and overall movement.
    Our fitness and wellness programs are ideal for clients seeking an individualized training routine to crush their goals but who are without pain. If you find yourself having painful movements, we recommend you schedule an in-person or virtual consultation to address your impairments prior to beginning an exercise program.
  • 12 Week Program for Hypertrophy and Weight Loss
  • 12 Week Program for Mobility and Stability Training