Frequently Asked Questions

No. We are a mobile and virtual physical therapy practice, meaning we come to you! 

Borne PT believes this model reduces barriers for people to attend PT and allows us to create a stress free and individualized experience.

You and Dr. Bornemann will have time to discuss your current concerns and goals for therapy. During the evaluation Dr. Bornemann will complete a comprehensive 1:1 musculoskeletal evaluation.  Test and measures will be performed to determine the source of pain/concern. Treatment will be rendered within the first session. From here Dr. Bornemann will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. 

Each treatment session, including the initial evaluation and examination will be approximately 40-60 minutes long.

Fitness and Wellness sessions will vary based on your goals.

After the initial evaluation you and your therapist will have an open conversation about how many times per week you should receive physical therapy treatments based on your condition and circumstances.

The state of Florida Direct Access Law says a Physical Therapist may implement a plan of treatment for 30 days.

After 30 days the physical therapist shall refer the patient to or consult with a practitioner of record if the patient’s condition is found to be outside the scope of the physical therapy. If physical therapy treatment of a patient is required beyond (30) days for a condition not previously assessed by a practitioner of record, the physical therapist shall have a practitioner of record review and sign the plan.

The requirement that a physical therapist have a practitioner of record review and sign a plan of treatment does not apply when a patient has been physically examined by a physician licensed in another state, the patient has been diagnosed by the physician as having a condition for which the physical therapy is required, and the physical therapist is treating the condition.

At this moment Borne Physical Therapy is not accepting insurances. We are an Out Of Network provider, meaning we do not have contracts with any insurance company.

We believe this model allows us to focus on 1 on 1 patient centered quality care.

Too often insurance companies dictate what is allowed or required in a PT session, how often you are to be seen and how long., which can greatly reduce the quality of care. 

We do however, provide a “super bill” of the services provided that you may then submit to your health insurance for possible reimbursement.

Cash or check are preferred but Borne PT does accept all major credit cards (AMEX, Discover, Mastercard, Visa) and HSA cards.

Payment is required at the time of service. 

To book an appointment with us, check out the “Schedule an Appointment” tab on our website. There you will be able to select a service and pick a date and time that are available. 

We will do a free 15 minutes consultation over the phone to determine that we are a good fit for you. From there we can schedule your first appointment!